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How to Find Customers for Your New Business

Presenter: Graham D Brown
Without customers, your business will fail. So, how do you go get them when you're so busy doing other things like building your product etc? Avoid the mistake of spending $1000s on unproductive adword campaigns or wasting countless hours chasing customers at trade shows. In this webinar, I'll teach you how to find your first customers using the Up.School Zero-to-One technique, how to market your business with a minimal budget and how to grow your business through word of mouth.
Date: Thu 29 Sep 2016
Format: Live with Q&A
Price: FREE
About the Webinar Presenter, Graham D Brown
  • Entrepreneur, investor and radio show host
  • 20 years running own businesses
  • 16 years investing in real estate
  • Traveled world for 3 years
  • Lived in 4 countries (UK, New Zealand, Spain and Japan)
Hi, my name's Graham Brown and I'm an entrepreneur, radio show host and investor.

5 years ago I sold out of my telecoms business and traveled the world for 3 years with my family. It was a wonderful time. We snorkeled the pristine coral reefs of Fiji, mountain biked in New Zealand and kicked back to enjoy the easy living of the Las Islas Canarias off the west coast of Africa. We made memories that we will keep as a family for ever.

People often wonder how you can live this kind of lifestyle. Win the lottery? Well, you don't have to be a millionaire to live a millionaire's lifestyle. You just have to grow your business the right way.

In my webinars, I will teach you how you can grow your business too. Not necessarily to sell it, but to be able to have choice in your life and do some crazy adventurous stuff that we all need once in a while.

Business is my passion. Whether I'm mentoring entrepreneurs, investing in startups or interviewing founders for my radio show, I wake up in the morning excited to take on the challenge.

So, come and join me on this adventure and hit that ACCESS WEBINAR button above. See you there.
Webinar Feedback
"Yesterday's webinar about property investment was also great, I started to think about how we could do that!" - Ester Gyulovics

"I really appreciate all the time and energy you invested in the webinar, and I learned a lot!" - Erica Derrickson

"Thank you again for your presentation today. It was so inspiring and helpful. After listening to your story, I feel much less pain (lol) on starting my own business and have more confidence on myself." - Ivy Gu

"Thanks for the great webinar. It was very informative for me." - Mika Watanabe

"Thanks Graham! Enjoyed the show" - Jamie McCormack

"Thank you very much for the really inspiring presentation tonight ! I'd love to go through your presentation with my team." - Hajime Suzuki

"I attended your presentation today. I really appreciate what you share not only the information but also your time." - Sutriano Wu