Up.School Events for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Weekly Webinar Schedule

Every week (on Wednesday) I go live on Youtube to host a new Up.School webinar. These webinars are free and are geared to Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. Subjects covered range from starting your business to finding paying customers to productivity hacks.

Up.School Meetup in Tokyo, Japan

I set up a Meetup group for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in Tokyo based on the theme featured in the book "The $100 Startup" by Chris Guillebeau. I think this summarizes the goals and methods of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur community, so it starts as a good rallying point for the community. If you're in Japan or visiting Japan and want to connect with a peer group of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs join the group.

Up.School Meetup in London, United Kingdom

Same as the Japan group, except held in London. The UK Meetup for Up.School will probably kick off first due to travel commitments. if you're in UK or visiting, join the group.