Android Development Program 

Android Development Program Open!


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Our Android Development program is starting with the cooperation of UP School and Akbank.



Successful graduates will be able to start their careers at Akbank after the program.






What is Android Development?


Android Development is the technology area where applications designed for devices running the Android operating system are developed. Android Development is of great importance in terms of mobile application development in this period when companies want to reach larger audiences.


Who Can Apply?


Preferably in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering departments

Senior students and graduates can apply.

We expect applicants to be intermediate in any coding language.



How Will The Application Process Proceed?







The program how long?


The program includes technical training 8 hours per week, soft skill training 2 hours per week.

It will take 14 weeks.



  • Online Form

  • English Test

  • Technical Test

  • Interviews

What Awaits You in the Program?

The program offers the following to students who have successfully completed the application phase of the Android Develpment program, which will be implemented in cooperation with UP School and Akbank, and who are accepted to the program:

  • Online training sessions combining theory and practice in the field of Android Development, 8 hours a week, and lecture support sessions with the help of TAs.

  • YGA trainings where they will gain Human Skill / Achievement Competencies 2 hours a week; CV preparation, interview preparation training.

  • Mentoring from experienced YGA Graduates for 14 weeks.

  • Ongoing mentoring process for post-employment support. Participation in the UP School Alumni network; The right to provide mentoring support to new students and participate in UP School Alumni trainings and activities if desired.

With ten weeks of application-oriented technology training, you will prepare for your career in Android Development.

While it feeds on many role models in the academic and professional fields, mentoring support will always be with you throughout the recruitment process.

You will practice the current field studies created with companies that have accomplished successful works in the field of Android Development.

After the program, you will have the opportunity to work at Akbank, the leading company in your field.

What Will Students Gain From This Program?

First App with Kotlin


App Navigation

Activity & Fragment Lifecycle

App Architecture


Connect to Internet

Behind the Scenes

Machine Learning

Designing for Everyone

Human Skills


In UP School, besides its strong technical equipment; have strong values, in the teams they work with creating a culture of success together; strong communication, not giving up in the face of difficulties , creative young women who are critical of the processes will be brought up.

  • Working Agile

  • Mock Interviews

  • Feedforward          

  • Good Communication

  • Positive Challenge

Hard Skills

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