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About Us

What is UP School?


UP School is an edtech startup that upskills young women with live online training to help position them for rewarding careers in the tech industry.

The program empowers women by providing them a platform where they can gain valuable knowledge to be applied in a professional business environment. UP School equips them with functional technical and collaborative skills that enable them to have a successful start in their new careers.

Why UP School?


We believe that women's rights are human rights.

UP School’s journey started with a search for a solution to one of the most important issues of the 21st century: women empowerment.


According to the 2020 Global Gender Gap Report, Turkey was ranked 130th in the issue of gender equality. The report suggested that the greatest setback in closing the gender gap in economic empowerment was women’s lack of representation in higher positions.


As reported by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), women’s employment rate is 33% whereas women’s employment rate in the technology field is only 10%. We need to increase our efforts around the issue of women in the technology industry both locally and globally.


UP School is also a unique economic and social development model. At UP School, we believe that our role model graduates will contribute to a cultural reset in both the business and outside world.


Our Difference

  • Contrary to similar programs, we offer UP School to our students for free.

  • UP programs are led by expert instructors 100% live and online with high in-class interactivity.

  • UP School advocates for project based training rather than theoretical, which allows students to gain real world experience as part of the curriculum.

  • UP School realizes the importance of a balanced training that focuses on both hard skills and soft skills. Modern instruction and project based learning hones students’ technical abilities while project management in collaboration with their mentors, demonstrates the key points in succeeding as a team.


Unleashing Potential

  • Helps women to efficiently develop their technical abilities by following an established format that allows them to quickly launch their career in the tech industry.

  • Educates women to be role models and close the gap in the workforce.

  • Enables women with high potential, but limited resources to discover their abilities and unleash their potential.

  • Increases the number of women working in the technology field and women in future’s higher positions to accelerate the closing of the gender gap.

  • Fulfils the lack of experience and knowledge stemming from higher education and facilitates the process of searching and adapting to a job.

  • Gathers businesses and suitable job candidates which businesses struggle to find.


About YGA

Young Guru Academy (YGA) is an international non-profit organization which cultivates double-winged leaders of young individuals to enable us to be hopeful for the future. These young individuals grow their wings while producing innovative technology projects which have a positive social impact. UP School is the newest of many YGA Ventures, some of which include WeWalk, one of the best inventions of 2019 according to TIME Magazine.


If you are looking to start your career path in tech, then we look forward to receiving your application! Updates on the application process are posted on our social media.

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