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UP School and European Leadership University offer a career-oriented curriculum for women who want to move forward in their Software Engineering or Full-Stack Developer careers with an internationally recognized certificate. 

Sign UP for a European

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A Unique Program by
European Leadership University & UP School

which will prepare you for a European Tech Career. Join us to have a full year of community and mentor support while you are learning with a project-based, industry-focused curriculum.


Just learning to code is not enough for success. This program will also equip you with the most important life skills like good communication, problem-solving, collaboration and many more.


Receive a European Leadership University Certificate after each phase and when you finish the full one-year program you can either choose to move forward with you career or with your online education with more than 50 ECTS achieved for a European University CS degree.

Be a Role Model Female Developer

Only 30% of technology roles are filled by women. "On its current trajectory, it will now take 135.6 years to close the gender gap worldwide," claims WEF in a recent Gender Gap Report.

UP School & European Leadership University collaborate to raise Role Model Female Developers.

We don't want to wait 135.6 years for gender balance in Tech!


The online Software Engineering / Full Stack Developer programs combine a project-based, international career-focused curriculum with community and mentor support. 

Scroll down or leave us your email for for more information!  

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Which Skills will I acquire?

UP School & European Leadership University's "Zero to Hero" curriculum is for beginners.

It has self-paced online lessons with one showcase project per month and live coding workshops, so you can learn in your spare time and practice with the help of experts. It has a strong foundation for a successful career in software engineering. Subscribe to get more information about curriculum and learning outcomes!

Our unique Core Skills program runs in parallel to Tech Curriculum and equips you with not-so-soft skills like resilience, creative problem solving, collaboration, strong written and verbal communication with a double-wing approach - tech and social - to cohort-based learning.  

How Will My Typical Week Look Like?

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Modular Program As Per Your Needs

Each program consists of 4 different modules (Prep Class, Foundation, Progression 1 or Progression 2). If you decide the path is not for you or you have got what you needed; you are free to stop at the end of each module. Tuition is paid per module; at the beginning of each module. So you do not need to pay the full tuition of the program (4 modules) at the beginning. 

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Searching for a job is a full-time job but

UP School student success team and career services team will be available throughout the program to help you achieve your goals. From resume building, networking and interviewing resources, to job search help and professional development opportunities, we've got you covered. We'll also provide support for job placement and ongoing career advancement.

  • UP School team will look for internship and employment opportunities for you.

  • Your resume will be shared across all partner companies. 

  • You will receive support throughout the job search process until you are employed.​

Our Student Success Team

will always be ready for you:


  • Weekly surveys to continuously improve the program according to your feedback

  • Weekly support-circle meetings with your fellow students and mentors

  • Monthly catch-ups with the Student Success team to plan your path ahead

  • On-demand 1 to 1s with Student Success Mentors

  • “Rock that interview” training from resume, Linkedin and GitHub profile building to interview skills with mock-up interviews

What is different in this program?

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Accredıted unıversıty

In partnership with 

The full program corresponds to 50 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). 



Learning happens when you "DO" things.


At the end of the program you'll have 14 projects in your portfolio to show off!

core-skılls ıncluded

Designed for future role-models in tech; with excellent coding skills AND with core-skills that will bring life-long success like resilience, collaboration, learning to learn, communication and many more.

wıth communıty support

There is no magical easy path to become a world-class developer. But you don't have to walk it alone!


98% of UP School students successfully graduated; thanks to our Community centered & Mentoring enhanced program.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?

Am I eligible to apply?

If you identify as a woman, yes! We don’t have any other criteria.

Will I be able to continue my education further after this program?

Yes! You can continue your education at European Leadership University and get a Bachelor’s of Software Engineering degree.

Can I complete this program if I have a full-time job?

Definitely! However, you should be prepared to dedicate 35+hours a week to study.

Can I see the detailed curriculum?

Please drop your e-mail here so we can send you the curriculum.

Can I drop-out of the program after completing a phase?

The program is 50 weeks long and it consists of 4 phases. You can choose to complete your journey after a phase of your choosing or move further into your education.

How much is the tuition fee?

Total fee for the program is 950 EUR.

Will I be able transfer university credits that I gained in this program?

Yes! You will graduate with more than 50 ECTS.

What are the graduation criteria for this program?

Minimum %90 participation in all classes, core skills and live sessions

Completion of all the projects and homework that you will be assigned to

Participation in UP School job placement process

What are the steps in the admissions process?

  • At the first stage, we expect you to sign up to our platform by clicking apply. 

  • You will use English throughout your education at UP School, that's why we expect you to take an English exam in the second stage.

  • Before starting your education, we want to see your thinking style and ability to acquire information. You will take an aptitude test if you pass the English exam.

  • We expect you to fill out the interview form so that we can get to know you.

  • If you have successfully completed previous stages, you will receive an interview invitation!

Who are the instructors?

The program will be moderated by a team of software engineers and full stack deveopers in Europe who have a solid training experience.

What are the payment options for this program?

You do not have to pay the all 950 EUR fee from the beginning. You only have to pay for the phase you will begin. 

You can pay the tuition fee with any credit/debit card from the payment link that will be shared with you once you are accepted to the program.

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