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What awaits you at UP School?
women working women computer women empowerment data science data scientist kadın çalışan kadın mühendis işe alım

Hands-On Technical Training

In training programs, you will reach the technical expertise you need to start your career without losing time.

​You will gain experience in the sector by working on real-life projects.

Self Confidence Training

During the training, you will not only gain technical skills, but also improve social competencies that will always be beneficial for you throughout your career.

​By having strong values, creating a culture of success together in the teams, you will be among the women who are shown as role models in technology, who do not give up in the face of difficulties and can critically analyse processes.

women working women computer women empowerment data science data scientist kadın çalışan kadın mühendis işe alım

1-1 Mentoring

You will be matched with UP School Alumni and have weekly mentoring sessions with them and other students.  


Your mentor will guide you on the technical side as well as in the placement and adaptation process.


Career Preparations

Throughout the program, experienced people from the business world will support you with CV and Interview training in taking career steps that will help you settle into a job.

​You will also meet with mentors who have accomplished successful works in leading tech companies.


Data Analysis is defined as the modeling process that supports the processes of finding useful information and making decisions as a result of collecting, extracting and processing raw data. Data visualization and data storytelling are of great importance for companies to make fast and effective decisions in this period of data flooding.

Training Duration: 10 weeks

Application Date: Applications have ended.

Ford Otosan

RPA is a branch of artificial intelligence based on machine learning technology, that enables software to learn processes and repeat operations without errors.

Training Duration: 10 weeks

Application Date: Applications have ended.

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field of technology that enables the detection of unique and meaningful patterns from complex data. In the information age where data is considered the new oil, data science has become one of the most influential job descriptions.

Training Duration: 16 weeks

Application Date: Applications have ended.

Android Development is a technology area where applications designed for devices running the Android operating system are developed. Android Development is of great importance in terms of mobile application development in this period when companies want to reach larger audiences.

Training Duration: 14 weeks

Application Date: Applications have ended.

UP School's Numbers

Since March 2020


3200+ applications

3% Acceptance Rate


0% Drop Out Rate

27 hired graduates

75% Hiring Rate 

36 grads + 54 active students