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UP School

Unleashing women’s potentials in the tech field with %100 live-online education programs.


Why UP School?

Today, a university education does not prepare students for their careers and post-grad lives. Therefore, at UP, students receive a hands-on training rather than a theoretical one.

In Turkey, only 10% of people employed in the tech industry are female while the worldwide average is 25%. Role model women graduating from UP School will strive towards increasing the 10%

Automation and digitalization will help create over 1.8 million new jobs by 2030. UP School trains its students today, for the careers of tomorrow.

UP School is a Young Guru Academy (YGA) venture. YGA Graduates bring tech-based global ventures created for the betterment of humanity to life. Before UP School, multiple Turkey-based YGA ventures have gone global.

Companies that UP School graduates start their careers



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What awaits you at UP School?

Live Online Training

Our live training allows us to be independent from physical circumstances.

Apart from these live classes, there is a platform for students to communicate with and ask questions to the instructors, prompting very high interactivity within our programs.

Our education model prioritizes the interaction among students as well as between students and instructors, contributing to the unique experience offered at UP.

Up-to-Date Content

The software programming world changes every day, and being up-to-date with this dynamic field is very important when students start their careers. ​UP School brings this updated content to its students and prepares them for a head start in their careers. Students graduating from UP School will gain the most sought after 21st century tech skills that will shape the future.

One-to-One Mentoring

Through UP School’s programs, students will not only improve their technical abilities, but their social skills as well. Mentors, whom students will be matched with one on one, will guide them during this process. Students will be able to work with their mentors regarding the technical aspect of the program and while transitioning and adapting to a new job upon graduating from the program.

Discover the Programs

women working women computer women empowerment data science data scientist kadın çalışan kadın mühendis işe alım rpa

Robotic Process Automation

The application process for the RPA program has ended. You can follow our social media to stay tuned for future updates.

women working women computer women empowerment data science data scientist kadın çalışan kadın mühendis işe alım rpa

Data Science

The application process for the Data Science program has ended. You can follow our social media to stay tuned for future updates.

Who are we looking for?

Succeeding Together

Applicants with strong values who are able to create an environment that nurtures collaborative success within their teams.

State of Employment

Applicants who are unemployed or looking to continue their careers in the tech field.


Applicants who are highly motivated about being in the program and do not give up when they face challenges.

Need for Resources

Applicants who do not have access to a tech training due to their educational institution or their current situation.


Hayriye Karadeniz

Ford Otosan, CDO

UP School does incredible work. Supporting women in the field of tech is really important for us.

UP School is an excellent learning environment for me to improve in terms of technical and social competencies. They have always emphasized that we must be successful with our humanitarian and conscientious values while being successful people in the industry. It is very valuable for me to be present in an environment possessing such a way of thinking. 


—  Havva Hilal Gencer, RPA Program Graduate


Kolektif House Maslak, Maslak, Istanbul, Türkiye

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