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Why UP School?

Practice Oriented Technical Training

Our training programmes provide you with the technical expertise necessary to kickstart your career quickly.


Through hands-on experience and real projects, you will gain valuable insights and skills specific to your chosen industry.

1-1 Mentoring

As part of our programme, you will be paired with mentors who are alumni of UP School. You will have weekly meetings with your mentor.


Our mentors will provide support on technical matters and guide you through the placement and adaptation process.

Self Confidence Training

In addition to technical skills, our training focuses on developing social competencies that will benefit you throughout your career.


By fostering strong values, effective communication, and a collaborative mindset, we aim to cultivate a culture of success.

Career Preparations

Our programme offers valuable support from experienced professionals who provide CV and interview training to help you secure a job and excel in your chosen career.


You will also have the opportunity to connect with accomplished mentors from leading technology companies.

Embarking on Your Journey

Ready to become a role model in technology through UP School?


This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process, from application to becoming a proud UP School Alumni. Let's explore the steps to make your aspirations a reality.


Who are we looking for?

Succeed Together

Strong values, fostering collaboration and support within teams for collective success.

Need for Resources

Limited access to tech training due to educational or circumstantial constraints.

State of Employment

Unemployed or actively seeking opportunities in the tech field.


Highly motivated individuals driven to overcome challenges and succeed in the tech industry.

Kimleri Önceliklendiriyoruz


To apply to UP School, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

Career Aspirations: Eager to start a career in the technology field after UP School education.

Holistic Development: Committed to enhancing both technical skills and social competencies for career growth.

Programme Commitment: Fully dedicated and adaptable to the programme's schedule.


Embracing the Culture: Enthusiastic about being part of the supportive UP School community and collaborating with fellow students.

Technical Requirements:Access to a personal computer and reliable internet connection for programme participation. Meeting these requirements sets you up for success and a fulfilling experience at UP School.

Application Process


Application Form

To begin, please fill out the provided form to introduce yourself and provide us with necessary information.


English Test

Since English is integral to your education at UP School, you will be required to take HR Peak's English exam to assess your language proficiency unless you are a native speaker.


Technical Test

Prior to starting your education at UP School, we expect you to demonstrate at least an intermediate level of proficiency in one programming language. You will be asked to take a technical test prepared by our trainers.



If you successfully complete the online form, English test, and technical test, you will be invited for an interview. This is an opportunity for us to gain deeper insights into your background and aspirations.

Başvuru Süreci

Education Process

1. Technical Training

Gain hands-on experience through 8 hours of weekly online training, combining theory and real-life projects.

3. Career Preparations

Receive guidance in CV preparation, mock interviews, and connect with mentors from leading technology corporations.

2. Confidence Training

Participate in 2-hour weekly YGA trainings focused on self-confidence, effective communication, and critical analysis.

4. Capstone Project and Graduation

Complete a comprehensive graduation project with the support of our trainers.

Eğitim Süreci

Post Training

1. Kickstart Your Career!

Put your newfound skills to use and embark on your exciting tech career!

2. Community Gatherings

Join our events to connect with fellow students and alumni, fostering ongoing friendships and strong connections beyond the programme.

3. Mentoring Students

Have a chance to mentor new students in various programmes, providing guidance and support both technically and personally.

Eğitim Sonrası
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