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About Us

UP School has been chosen as one of the 9 startups to receive support through the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center's Milestone Maker programme.

What is UP School?

We focus on developing tech talents and unlocking their full potential. Through our programmes, we empower individuals to excel in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Join us to unleash your potential. #TechTalents #Empowerment

UP School is a VC backed start-up dedicated to addressing both the gender gap and the talent gap in the tech industry. Our mission revolves around providing free, live, online vocational training that focuses on identifying and nurturing the right talent for the right job. Once our students successfully graduate, UP School extends its support by aiding them in their job search and ensuring they remain part of our supportive community, which boasts over 2000 (and counting!) female role models in the tech field. Notably, companies such as Getir, Ford, and ING have placed their trust in UP School to recruit highly talented female developers.

We are genuinely excited about the prospect of becoming a diversity partner for your company. Our primary objective is to actively promote and encourage qualified female candidates to explore diverse roles within the tech industry. With a strong emphasis on female empowerment, we aspire to assist companies in achieving greater diversity by seamlessly integrating these talented women into their organisations.

Why UP School?


We believe in the power of gender equality. At UP School, we're on a mission to empower women and underrepresented minorities in the tech industry.


The World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report 2021 predicts it will take 135.6 years to close the gender gap. That's too long. That's why we're committed to bridging the gender and talent gaps in tech.

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UP School's Advantages

  • Live-Online Programmes: Engaging, expert-led classes with high-class interaction.​

  • Project-Based Training: Real-world experience through hands-on projects.​

  • Up-to-Date Content: Access to current and relevant technology curriculum.​

  • Personalised Mentorship: 1-1 guidance to enhance technical skills and foster collaboration.

Accelerators and Awards


2021 Finalist of C3 Social Impact Accelerator Program by HSBC


Best Startup at Arya Retreat 2021


Bloomberg Businessweek Türkiye
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About YGA

UP School is an incubated member of Young Guru Academy (YGA) which is one of Turkey’s largest social impact NGOs. YGA incubates high-impact tech startups, including WeWalk -one of the best inventions of 2019 according to TIME Magazine- and UP School as one of its newest. 

Start your tech career with us! Submit your application today and stay tuned for updates on our social media.

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