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Partnership Opportunities

Companies That UP School Graduate
Started Their Careers 

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Why Hire UP School Alumni?


Qualified Talent Pool

Our alumni are part of a highly selective group, with only 30 candidates chosen from a pool of 1200 applications. Within 3 months of graduation, 75% of our students successfully start their careers in renowned companies like Coca Cola Company and Amazon, showcasing their exceptional tech talent and qualifications.



By hiring UP School alumni, you gain access to exceptional women professionals who bring valuable perspectives, skills, and diversity to your tech teams. Research has shown that companies with a diverse workforce outperform their competitors, making diversity a strategic advantage for your organisation.


Social Impact

UP School represents a unique model of economic and social development. By hiring our alumni, you become part of our mission to create a cultural change within our country and globally through the exceptional tech talent we train.


So far, we've experienced the happiness of helping female developer grow. We really care of women empowering in the business world and we value the increase of their representation in tech field.

Supporting these bootcamps conducted by professional trainers with the mission of increasing the presence of women in tech, we both advance through our visions and become happy of investing to the future.

Strategic Partnerships

We design our training programs in areas where companies need positions to be filled by our graduates.

Contact us to talk about the training programs we can prepare for your company.

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