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Java Development Program for young women who want to continue their career as a Java Developer

starting! 🚀

Are you ready to become a Java Developer?

About the Java Development Program

The UP School Java Development Program begins!

You will be ready for your career in Java Development with practical technical trainings by Akın Kaldıroğlu for 6 months. 

In the program, which consists of lecture videos and live coding lessons, you will have the opportunity to listen to the experience and advice of industry leaders, as well as theoretical lessons.

What is Java?

Java is a programming language widely used for coding web applications. Java is a multiplatform, object-oriented, and web-centric language and can itself be used as a platform. It is a fast, secure and reliable programming language that can be used to code any type of software, from mobile applications and enterprise software to big data applications and server-side technologies.

Why Should You Learn Java?

  • Programmers who know Java well, who have a significant share in the technology sector, settle into work much faster.

  • There are 9 million Java developers in the world, Java is used in 3 billion mobile phones and 125 million television devices.

  • Java programming language, which has a wide usage area, is especially used in areas such as game development, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things.

  • Jaba programming language, one of the most profitable and demanded employment areas worldwide, will make you stand out. 

  • Build your dream tech career with the most popular programming language Java!


What awaits you in the program?

4 Hours a Week
Technical Education

Online trainings that combine theory and practice in the field of Java with the curriculum prepared by Akın Kaldıroğlu, and course support sessions with the help of TAs.

1 Hour per week
Self Confidence Training

Trainings where you will gain Core Skills; CV preparation,

Interview preparation training.

Mentor Support

For 6 months,

Mentoring from UP School Alumni.

Community Support

Mentoring process that continues after employment.

Engage in the UP School Alumni network; The right to provide mentorship support to new students and to participate in UP School Alumni trainings and activities if requested.

What will you gain in the program?

Hard Skills

  • Introduction to Java

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

  • Encapsulation and Information Hiding

  • Reusability and Inheritance

  • enum, Java API and Main Classes

  • Polymorphism

  • Abstract Classes

  • Exception Management

  • Introduction to Functional Programming

  • Functional Programming in Java

  • Bags (Collections)

  • General Programming (Generics)

  • Basics of Spring and Spring Boot

  • Clean Code & Design Patterns

  • SW Architecture and Microservices

  • DevOps Fundamentals

Human Skills

During the training, you will not only gain technical skills, but also improve social competencies that will always be beneficial for you throughout your career.

  • Resilience

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Interview Skills        

  • Strong Communication

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Time & Energy Management

Program Participation Conditions
  • Knows a basic programming language,

  • Intermediate and abovehave knowledge of English,

  • We welcome applications from women who are aiming for a full-time job at a technology company in line with the program's purpose. 

How will the application process proceed?

  1. Reference register on the platform and it will only take you 2 minutesonline formfill it up!

  2. 40 minutes English test complete!

  3. 30 minutes ttechnical test complete!

  4. You are at the last step, online face-to-face where we will get to know you the interviewenter!

Akın Kaldıroğlu
Lead Instructor

After graduating from Istanbul Technical University Electronics and Communication Engineering, Akın Kaldıroğlu earned his master's degrees in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and Software Engineering from George Mason University, where he went on a state scholarship. After returning to Turkey, he completed his master degree in philosophy at Bahçeşehir University.

Software needs analysis and design, software architectures, design patterns, code quality, test-driven development, clean code, etc. In addition to the subjects, he also provides consultancy and training on subjects such as corporate Java architectures, Java and JVM performance improvement.

What You're Curious About

Is the entire program online?

Yes, the entire program will be online.

Is there a fee to participate in the program?

This program is a paid program. Financial support opportunities are available in the program. The program fee is 30,000 TL.

What are the graduation criteria for this program?

At least 90% participation in all lectures and live sessions

Completion of all projects and assignments

Participation in UP School job placement process

Can I complete this program if I have a full-time job?

Yes, but you must allow enough time into your schedule that you can work 10+ hours per week.

What will the recruitment process be like?

Candidates who successfully graduate at the end of the program UP School's career support will continue until you find a job.

What are the financial support opportunities?

Students who tick the "I want financial support" option in the program application form and who rank in the top 30 in the UP School evaluation process (English & technical test) will be able to benefit from financial support.

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