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Data Analysis, Visualisation & Storytelling Program


Data Analysis, Visualization & Storytelling program is starting with the cooperation of UP School and Ford Otosan. 

Successful graduates will be able to start their careers at Ford Otosan after the program.

*Applications for this program ended on January 15.

What is Data Analysis, Visualization & Storytelling?

 Data Analysis is defined as the modeling process that putting in order and configures the collected raw data. Data Analysis helps teams in their decision-making process.  Data visualization and storytelling, on the other hand, is the transformation of raw data into understandable images and making inferences from the raw data, and presenting this information in the most understandable way. Data visualization and data storytelling are of great importance for companies to make fast and effective decisions in this data age.

Who is Eligible for Application?

Women between the ages of 22-35 who graduated with a degree in -preferably- Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering, or will graduate in 2020.

How will the application process progress?

Duration of Program

   The program will last 10 weeks, 8 hours a week. Technical training period is 60 hours. In addition to technical training, additional TA Office Hours  are opened for students to ask questions. These sessions are 16 hours in total.

  • Online Form

  • English Test

  • Technical Test

  • Interviews

What Will Students Gain From This Program?

  • Python Crash Course

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Storytelling

  • NumPy

  • Pandas

  • Matplotlib / Seaborn

  • SQL

  • Data Cleaning

  • Machine Learning

  • APIs and Web Requests

  • Text Analytics

Human Skills

During the training, you will not only gain technical skills, but also improve social competencies that will always be beneficial for you throughout your career.

  • Resilience

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Interview Skills        

  • Strong Communication

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Time & Energy Management

Hard Skills

With ten weeks of hands-on technology training, you will prepare for your career in Data Analysis.

In addition to having the chance to learn from unique role-models in the academic and professional fields, you will have constant mentoring support throughout the recruitment process.

You will practice current case-studies with companies that have accomplished successful works in the field of Data Analysis.

After the program, you will have the opportunity to work at Ford Otosan, the leading company in your field.

What Awaits You in the Program?


The program offers the following to students who have successfully completed the application process of the Data Analysis program:


  • Online training sessions combining theory and practice in the field of Android Development, 6 hours a week, and lecture support sessions with TAs.

  • YGA trainings where you will gain Human Skills for 2 hours a week; CV preparation, interview preparation training.

  • Mentoring sessions from experienced YGA Graduates for 10 weeks.​

  • Participation in the UP School Alumni network; the right to provide mentoring support to new students and participate in UP School Alumni trainings and activities if desired.

Tuna Çakar.jpg
Tuna Cakar
Lead Instructor

Tuna Çakar graduated from Sabancı University, Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering in 2004. After completing his master's degree in the Cognitive Sciences Program of Boğaziçi University in 2009, Çakar completed his doctorate in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at METU Informatics Institute in 2015. His doctoral dissertation was on understanding the decision-making processes of sameness value judgments in humans using models based on mathematical, neurophysiological and biometric measurement methods. Tuna Çakar is currently working actively in the field of applied neuroscience in sector-specific and academic projects. After taking part in the academic staff of Özyeğin University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Acıbadem University, he is currently teaching graduate courses at MEF University.

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