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Data Science Program

The application process for the Data Science program has ended. You can follow our social media to stay tuned for future updates.


What is Data Science?

 Data Science is a multidisciplinary tech field that determines unique and meaningful patterns in complicated sets of data. We are living in the age of information and data is being viewed as the new petroleum, so Data Science has become one of the most essential occupations during the 21st century.

Who is Eligible for Application?

Women between the ages of 22-35 who graduated with a degree in -preferably- Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering, or will graduate in 2020.

Duration of Program

The program will begin at the end of June 2020 and last 18 weeks. Throughout these 18 weeks, students have to participate in class for a minimum of 15 hours and work individually for at least 5 hours every week. We will set up job interviews for students who successfully finish the program and follow up on their adaptation process + their new careers.

What awaits you? 

UP School provides these features for the students who are accepted to Data Science program:

  • Online Data Science training that combines theory and practice and support sessions with TA’s, 8 hours/week

  • YGA sessions in which students work on their soft skills and collaborative success abilities, CV and job interview preparation workshops, 2 hours/week

  • 18 weeks of mentoring from experienced YGA graduates

  • UP School sharing CV’s of students who successfully finish the program with its strategic partner companies that have available Data Science positions and setting at least 3 interviews for every student

  • Continued mentoring for students after they secure a position at one of these companies

  • Being a part of the UP School Alumni Network, mentoring new UP students if desired, joining UP School’s Alumni workshops and activities

What Will Students Gain From This Program?


Data Visualization & Storytelling
Machine Learning
Linear Algebra
Statistics & Modeling
Introduction to Deep Learning
Applied Natural Language Processing
Applied Computer Vision
Cloud Computing

Human Skills

UP School nurtures women who are not only skilled technically, but socially as well. Our students graduate with strong core values, foster work environments of collaborative success, communicate effectively, overcome obstacles instead of giving up, and cultivate creative and critical thinking.

  • Resilience

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Interview Skills        

  • Strong Communication

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Time & Energy Management

Hard Skills

Students will prepare for their careers in Data Science during a 4-month long project and practice based program,

Real-world projects created in collaboration with companies successful in the field of Data Science.

Learn from many academic and professional role models while being supported by their mentors.

UP School Lead Instructor Merve Cerit
Merve Cerit
Lead Instructor

Merve graduated from Boğaziçi University in 2018 with degrees in Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering. Currently, she’s pursuing her Master’s degree on developing human-like machines, specializing in learning technologies and artificial intelligence at Stanford University. Before coming to UP School, Merve worked at Microsoft as a data and artificial intelligence specialist. During her time at Microsoft, she developed award-winning artificial intelligence solutions, designed Microsoft AI Academy’s curriculum and led the AI Female Talent Program. Merve is also an instructor at MIT Media Lab’s “Learning Creative Learning” workshops.

UP School Instructor Gönül Aycı
Gönül Ayci

Gönül graduated from Marmara University with a degree in Mathematics before getting her Master’s degree in Computer Science from Özyeğin Üniversity. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD on “using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning processes and algorithms to protect privacy on social networks” at Boğaziçi University’s Department of Computer Engineering. Thanks to her skills and know-how on AI and Machine Learning, She worked on projects under the government, the European Union and Tübitak. Gönül has also been volunteering at Django Girls, an organisation that teaches programming to women, for over 3.5 years. She supports non-profit organizations such as PyIstanbul and inzva.

UP School Instructor Onat Yapıcı
Onat Yapıcı

After completing multiple Cisco certificate programs in 2016, Onat started studying Electric, Electronics and Computers at Koç University. In 2017, during his second year of university, Onat was introduced to YGA and started volunteering at YGA in 2018. He also worked in software development for Twin, one of YGA’s ventures. He helped develop the coding curriculum for Swift Playgrounds, a Twin, Apple and Arçelik joint project created to introduce middle school children to coding. After that, Onat contributed to the integration of artificial intelligence, autonomous movement and image processing into the pilot application of YGA, Twin and Ford Otosan collaboration “Hayaller Bilgi İster”, which can be translated as “Dreams Want Information”. Currently, Onat is a research assistant at both Koç University’s labs that look at the intersection between data science, artificial intelligence and biological systems, and the University of Michigan’s biotechnology labs.

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