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Trying to hustle your way to your dream tech career? Ditch the lonely DIY learning and reach your goals faster with UP School. 🤩

Sign UP for a Software Development Program!

About the Software Development Program

UP School Backend Developer and Full-Stack Developer Program applications are open!

If you want to create websites or web applications that make a difference as a developer, if you have the courage and curiosity, the Full-Stack Developer Program may be an opportunity for you!

Would you like to continue your career as a Backend Developer who builds and codes the "behind the scenes" infrastructure and ensures that the system runs smoothly? UP School Backend Developer Program is just for you.

We provide you with a direct path to a high paying career. We've designed our learning options so that more people have access to the education they need to start a career in technology.

This program is a paid program. Financial support opportunities are available in the program.

What You're Curious About

Is the entire program online?

Yes, the entire program will be online.

Is participation in the program paid?

Yes, our program is paid. Scholarship will be provided. 

What are the graduation criteria for this program?

At least 90% attendance to all lectures and live sessions.

Completion of all projects and assignments.

Participation in the UP School job placement process.

Can I complete this program if I have a full-time job?

Yes, but you should devote enough time to the program to be able to work 7+ hours per week.

What will the recruitment process be like?

Candidates who successfully graduated at the end of the program;UP School career support will continue until you find a job.

What are the financial support opportunities?

Students who mark the "I want financial support." option in the program application form and are in the top 30 in the UP School evaluation process (English & technical test) will be able to benefit from financial support.

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