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Diversity Partnership

Unlocking the Power of Women in Tech. Partner with UP School to continually attract, engage, and retain women in tech and your company.

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UP School

UP School is a VC-backed startup committed to closing both the gender and talent gaps in the tech industry. Through free live online vocational training, we identify and prepare the right talent for tech roles. After graduation, UP School supports job searches and offers a supportive community of 1500+ female role models in tech. Leading companies like Getir, Ford, and ING trust UP School to recruit talented female developers.

Our Focus

Unlike traditional DEI initiatives, we specialise in upskilling and placement areas. At UP School, we believe that empowering women in tech goes beyond policies and audits; it's about practical solutions and meaningful impact.

UP School Diversity Partnership aims to help companies attract, engage, and retain women talent in technology. By working with us, companies can diversify their workforce, tap into a skilled pool of female professionals, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their organisation.

Our Services

Academy Management

Our Academy Management service forms the core of our business model. We offer a variety of tailored solutions, including bespoke upskilling training, complimentary boot camps, stringent screening, continuous evaluation, and operational process management for in-house workshops and training.

Strategy Building to Attract and Retain Female Talents

In line with our dedication to diversity and inclusion, we proactively develop and implement strategies for attracting and retaining talented female tech professionals. Our immersive approach builds technical skills and fosters problem-solving abilities, resilience, and an inclusive tech ecosystem where female talent can thrive and excel.

Female Only Modules

We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and supportive environment for women in tech. That's why we build female-only modules within technical training programmes. These modules focus on boosting confidence, enhancing core skills, and providing a safe space for women to explore and learn through trial and error.

Access to Global Female Tech Talent Hub

Companies partnering with us gain privileged access to a diverse pool of top-performing candidates, hailing from a variety of backgrounds. These candidates have undergone rigorous training and preparation by our team, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in the tech industry.

Steps to Partner with UP School


Initial Consultation

We will conduct an assessment of your company's needs and DEI goals.


Customised Strategy

We will design a tailored plan, including mentorship, training, and recruitment strategies.


Programme Implementation

We will execute the agreed-upon initiatives, including mentorship and training programmes.


Monitoring and Evaluation

We will continuously monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.


Long-term Partnership

Partner with UP School to continually attract, engage, and retain women in tech.

Values and Advantages

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Foster an innovative workplace culture through diversity.

  • Skill Enhancement: Empower female employees and potential hires with valuable technical skills.

  • Public Awareness: Showcase your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) while enhancing your brand reputation.

  • Equal Opportunity: Access skilled female professionals, promoting equitable opportunities.


  • Increased Female Tech Talent: Diversify your workforce and tap into a skilled pool of female professionals.

  • Enhanced Skillset: Equip employees with up-to-date technical skills.

  • DEI Leadership: Demonstrate your company's dedication to diversity and inclusion.

  • Gender Equality: Prioritize women in tech to reduce the gender gap.

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