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Empower Women in Tech: Join the Interview Movement

Welcome to the Interview Movement, where empowerment meets opportunity, and diversity drives innovation in the world of technology.

Be a part of the change

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey, supporting talented women in tech and contributing to a more diverse and confident tech community. Being a part of the Interview Movement goes beyond just hiring—it helps foster a stronger tech ecosystem.

Our Vision

In an industry where diversity has long been underrepresented, the Interview Movement envisions a future where talented women in technology confidently rise to the top, unlocking their full potential and reshaping the landscape of tech.

What We Offer

At the Interview Movement, we offer a platform for change, a space where companies, individuals, and aspiring tech talents come together to create a more diverse, inclusive, and dynamic tech industry.

Project Description

The Interview Movement is a visionary initiative aimed at empowering female tech talents, closing the gender gap in the tech industry, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Our approach is designed to provide real-world interview experiences, support, and opportunities for both candidates and companies.

Why The Interview Movement Matters

The gender gap in tech is not about ability—it's about confidence and access to opportunities. We recognise that female tech talents often face challenges that hinder their career progression. Our mission is to bridge this gap by empowering them with the tools, experiences, and confidence they need to succeed.

For Companies


Unlock Diverse Talent

Partner with us to access skilled, motivated, diverse female tech talent.


Boost Interview Skills

Enhance your team's interview skills through mock interviews with real candidates.


No Obligation to Hire

No commitment to hire; focus on providing real-world interview experiences.


Free First Hire

No fee for the first candidate you hire from our talent pool.


Promote Diversity

Support gender diversity, enhancing your corporate culture and reputation.

How it works

Partner with Us
Collaborate with us to facilitate real interview experiences for our top female tech talents, who are UP School alumni. Your company will have the opportunity to engage with a select group of highly skilled and motivated candidates.

Boost Confidence

By participating in interviews and receiving feedback, these candidates will gain the confidence they need to succeed in tech roles, whether immediately or in the future.

Tech-Driven Projects

Encourage candidates to engage in tech-driven projects, enhancing their skills and expertise. This collaborative experience ensures they are well-prepared for the challenges of the tech world and may lead to future roles within your organisation.

For Candidates

Enhance Your Confidence

Participate in interviews with real companies and receive feedback to boost your confidence in tech roles, whether now or in the future.


Complete the application form and join the movement for change.


Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What is the recruitment process like?
    As an UP School graduate, you will also benefit from our strong industry connections and job placement assistance. Our dedicated team works closely with leading companies to provide placement opportunities for our graduates. Upon successfully graduating from the programme, UP School's career support will continue until you secure a job.
  • Is the entire programme conducted online?
    Yes, the entire programme is conducted online.
  • Do you have a scholarship programme or financial support opportunities?
    At UP School, we believe in recognising talent and providing equal access to quality education. We are happy to offer our Scholarship programme to candidates who would like to pursue their tech careers. More details will be provided during the interviews. Students who indicate their interest in financial support on the programme application form and rank among the top 30 in the UP School evaluation process (English & technical test) will be considered carefully for financial assistance.
  • Can I complete this programme while working full-time?
    Yes, it is possible to complete the programme while having a full-time job. However, you should allocate a minimum of 7 hours per week to the programme.
  • What are the graduation criteria for this programme?
    To graduate, you need to meet the following criteria: Attend at least 90% of all lectures and live sessions. Complete all projects and assignments. Participate in the UP School job placement process.
  • What to Expect from UP School Bootcamps?
    ​Prepare for a comprehensive programme that combines practical learning, live coding sessions, collaboration, mentorship, real-world projects, assessments, agile methodology, and industry-relevant skills.​ During your training, you will have: Hands-on Experience: Gain practical skills through real-world projects and coding challenges. Live Coding Sessions: Engage in interactive coding demonstrations by experienced instructors. Collaborative Environment: Work on team projects, pair programming, and code reviews. Mentorship: Receive guidance and feedback from industry professionals Real-world Projects: Build applications and implement industry-standard practices. Continuous Assessment: Regular evaluations to track your progress. Agile Methodology: Learn iterative development and adaptability. Industry Relevance: Gain skills in high-demand programming languages and tools.​
  • Is the programme paid?
    Yes, the programme is paid, and a scholarship may be provided subject to performance during the interviews.
  • Which industries are hiring RPA Developers?
    Today almost every industry uses RPA in its business to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and reduce human resources. RPA Developers lead to reducing the operational cost of businesses and also help in bridging the technology gaps. As most organisations are automating their business processes, there is a high demand for these professionals. Companies are consistently hiring RPA Developers to automate their business processes and, thereby, increase the efficiency and productivity of their enterprises. Since their availability does not meet the requirements and demands of the companies, RPA Developers are comparatively paid a good salary.
  • Who is an RPA developer?
    ‘RPA Developer’ means a developer who works on designing, building, and implementing RPA machines and systems. They are also responsible for creating automation tasks and also solving automation problems. RPA developers combine the abilities of a software developer, a business analyst, and a project manager. RPA developers collaborate with business operations and analysts to create and optimize workflow processes.
  • What kind of jobs are available for RPA Developers?
    There are various jobs available for RPA Developers in the IT industry. Some of the most demanding jobs include: RPA Administrator RPA Consultant RPA Developer RPA Specialist RPA Engineer RPA Business Analyst
  • Am I the right candidate for this training?
    Today, robotic technology is becoming popular due to its advanced features. If you are interested in robotic technology and working in the tech industry, this is the best opportunity for you. No prior coding experience is required. You will learn coding skills, critical thinking, and thinking from a business perspective. By the end of the training, you will be able to design and automate the process.
  • I am currently working/studying. How much time do I need to spend on the training?
    The training consists of more than 40 hours of on-demand content, more than 30 hours of live online classes, and more than 30 hours of live online Core Skills training and webinars. With on-demand video content, you can watch and learn whenever you want within the training duration. According to our experience, you will spend 10-12 hours a week for 3 months. In addition, you are responsible for some follow-up work as well as exam preparation. By the end of the programme, you will have gained the qualifications, skills and experience that potential employers in the field are looking for.
  • What are the responsibilities of an RPA developer?
    Designing automation process based on a company's requirements Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, RPA tools code complex and unneeded business tasks, automate and resolve the issues during the automation process Analysing the design and automation code Documenting the process for automation
  • Who will conduct the interviews?
    The interviews conducted as part of the Interview Movement Project are designed to evaluate your technical skills. These interviews will be carried out by IT or tech leaders from the participating company. These experienced professionals are well-versed in assessing candidates' technical competencies and will provide valuable feedback to help you enhance your skills and confidence. Your interaction with these industry experts will be a genuine and insightful experience, aligning with the real-world interview process in the tech industry.
  • What will happen after the interviews?
    After the interviews, several outcomes are possible: Future Connection: If the role you interviewed for is not an immediate hire but the hiring manager is satisfied with the results, you may be included in the company's talent hub for future opportunities. This means that your profile will be considered for relevant positions as they become available, ensuring ongoing opportunities to connect with the company. Ongoing Support: As UP School, we are committed to your success. We will closely monitor your progress and continue to support you in your journey to secure interviews and job opportunities in the tech industry. This includes guidance on improving your skills, interview performance, and job search strategies. Detailed Feedback: If the interview does not yield the expected results, don't worry. You will receive detailed feedback to help you understand areas for improvement. This feedback is invaluable for enhancing your skills and performance in future interviews, ensuring you are better prepared for success. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive support system that extends beyond the initial interview, empowering you to excel in your tech career.
  • What are the benefits of participating for my company?
    By participating in this project, your company gains access to a diverse talent pool, supports gender diversity in tech, and has the opportunity to shape the future of the industry. It's an opportunity to make a positive impact and engage with motivated, skilled candidates.
  • How can companies access these candidates?
    By participating in the Interview Movement Project, companies gain access to our exclusive talent pool. This select group of highly skilled and motivated UP School alumni candidates is made available periodically. However, please note that companies will not have access to all candidates in our pool.
  • What kind of opportunities are available for candidates beyond interviews?
    We encourage candidates to engage in tech-driven projects, enhancing their skills and expertise. This collaborative experience ensures they are well-prepared for the challenges of the tech world. Additionally, candidates may also be considered for project-based or seasonal roles within your company, providing flexibility and opportunities for engagement beyond traditional hiring scenarios.
  • Who are the candidates in the Interview Movement Project?
    Our candidates are exceptional UP School alumni. They have undergone rigorous technical and core skills training under our guidance. These candidates are not only technically proficient but also possess the core skills necessary to thrive in today's competitive tech landscape.
  • How can my company get involved in the Interview Movement Project?
    Getting involved is easy! Simply express your interest by filling out the form, and our team will guide you through the partnership process. We offer flexible engagement models to meet your specific needs.
  • Is there any cost associated with participating in the Interview Movement Project?
    No, participation in the Interview Movement Project is entirely free for both companies and candidates. We believe that fostering diversity and empowering women in tech should be accessible to all.
  • Are the interviews real or mock interviews?
    The interviews conducted as part of this project are real interviews. These are not mock interviews. However, it's important to clarify that the positions being interviewed for may not be immediately available but could be part of future hiring plans. This approach allows companies to assess and interact with potential future talent.
  • Is there any success fee for hiring candidates from this pool?
    For companies interested in hiring one of the talented candidates we connect you with, there is no success fee for the first hire. We aim to facilitate meaningful connections between companies and candidates, supporting diversity in tech without financial barriers.
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