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AI-First Developer Programme

AI should be an integral part of your coding journey, empowering you to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of software development. Register below and be the first to know!

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Why You Should Become an AI-First Developer?

  • The AI-First Developer Program, designed to adapt technology world, is based on AI-First coding. In this type of programming, artificial intelligence (AI) is the primary focus from the beginning of the development process.

  • The program increases efficiency by automating repetitive and ordinary tasks, and it also allows coders to devote time to more creative and complex jobs.

  • Since it includes a mechanism that monitors and offers solutions to errors, it acts as a guiding mentor for those new to programming.

This program provides participants with in-depth knowledge about the latest trends and applications of AI. As a result, participants can enhance their skills using the most innovative technologies in the sector and take a significant step in their careers. Learning the AI-First approach provides a major advantage in the future of the technology world and equips participants with the necessary skills for high-tech positions in demand in the business world. The program also helps to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative innovation skills. With these aspects, the AI-First Developer Program is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to develop themselves in the field of technology and explore new opportunities offered by AI.

Who Can Apply?

Women who are computer engineering graduates and have experience in software development.

AI Revolution Levels Up the Gap, Support Women to Catch this Wave

Human-First Coding

  • Different coding languagesIt is necessary to know.

  • It is necessary to remember old information.

  • Experience is required to solve problems and bugs.

  • You need a mentor to check for mistakes.

AI-First Coding

  • Teaches the basics of programming.

  • Artificial intelligence teaches practically

  • Uses AI to solve problems and bugs

  • AI is your mentor checking for errors.


Drop your Email and be the first to know

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