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Digital Marketing Program  


Android Development Program Open!


Apply now for pre-registration!

In collaboration with UP School and AkbankDigital Marketing Our program begins!

With the Digital Marketing Program prepared in cooperation with UP School and Akbank, you can make a quick start to your digital marketing career. In this 12-week program, you can learn the basics of digital marketing, plan and implement your first campaign, with live online lessons given by professional trainers, question and answer sessions with industry experts.

In addition, with UP School's Core Skills trainings, you can improve yourself not only with technical competencies, but also with the social competencies you will always need in your business life and life in general.


Successful graduates will be able to start their careers at Akbank after the program.


Digital Marketing why?

Digital marketing generally refers to the activities of creating, managing, measuring and developing campaigns that deliver the brand message to the consumer on digital screens, ie computers, phones, tablets or different devices. It has many different managements such as online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts.

Digital Marketing specialists analyze customer data and work to deliver the right customer profile, through the right channel, with the right content, and the brand message. They use different social media platforms, advertising channels, measurement and planning tools for this campaign management.


Who Can Apply?

We welcome applications from female candidates.

Application Processs Will Progress?

  • Platform Registration and Online Form

  • English Test

  • Technical Test & Video Interview

  • Interviews

With a 12-week practice-oriented digital marketing training, you will prepare for your career in technology.

While being fed by many role models in the academic and professional fields, mentoring support will always be with you throughout the recruitment process.

You will practice the current field studies created with companies that have accomplished successful works in the field of digital marketing.

Leading company in the field after the program in Akbank You will have the opportunity to work.

What Will Students Gain From This Program?

Marketing & Digital Fundamentals
Branding, Strategy & Planning, Competitor Analysis, CTA, Funnel
Customer Data source, input/output, Target Group, Segmentation, Personas,
Content Marketing & Media Landscape & Channels & Platforms
Social Media Marketing (Paid & Earned), Name Formats,
Search Marketing, SEM, SEO, PPC
Analytics & Reporting, DMP, AD Servers, Programmatic, Conversion Funnel Optimization

Human Skills

During the training, you will not only gain technical skills, but also improve social competencies that will always be beneficial for you throughout your career.

  • Resilience

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Interview Skills        

  • Strong Communication

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Time & Energy Management

Hard Skills

What awaits you in the program?

Students who successfully complete the application phase of the Digital Marketing program, which will be implemented with the cooperation of UP School and Akbank, and are accepted to the program, offer the following:

  • Online training sessions combining theory and practice in the field of Digital Marketing, 8 hours a week, and course support sessions with the help of TAs.

  • ​Trainings to gain Core Skills competencies for 1 hour a week; CV preparation, interview preparation trainings.

  • ​12 weeks of mentoring from UP School Alumni.

  • ​Ongoing mentoring process for post-employment support. Engage in the UP School Alumni network; The right to provide mentorship support to new students and to participate in UP School Graduate trainings and activities if requested.

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