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Apply for free
and become a Solana
Blockchain Developer!


Apply for free and become a Solana Blockchain Developer!


The UP School Blockchain Development program supported by the Solana Foundation is a chance to start your career in the Blockchain industry and make a difference! We will teach you how to build applications on cutting-edge technologies. Let’s work together to close both the gender and talent gaps in Web3 and Blockchain Ecosystem!

Training days will be 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Be a Role Model Female Developer

Only 30% of technology roles are filled by women. "On its current trajectory, it will now take 135.6 years to close the gender gap worldwide," claims WEF in a recent Gender Gap Report.

UP School & Solana collaborate to raise Role Model Female Developers.

We don't want to wait 135.6 years for gender balance in Tech!

WHO should apply?

If you are a woman who 

  • is passionate about WEB3 and a decentralised world, 

  • is ready to kick-start a promising Blockchain Developer career

  • knows and has experience with C/C++ 

  • can read and understand well in English

  • has high learning capacity, can spare enough learning & study time (around 15 hrs/week)

WHY is this an incredible opportunity?

Building on Solana opens doors to allow anyone to participate in the next phase of the internet. Become a Solana Blockchain Developer, one of the most sought-after talents globally. 


We know that it can be challenging to learn on your own. Within UP School community, you will have support from our expert instructors, teaching assistants, mentors and student success team!

HOW is this program different from others?

We have prepared a unique program for you!


  • 48 hours of live, online training from expert instructors

  • Live Coding sessions with Blockchain Developers

  • Office Hours where you can ask your questions and get support

  • Rich Solana content you can follow with your support group

  • Core skills training will put you forward throughout your career

  • Practice opportunities with special projects

  • Show off your skills at UP School Solana Hackathon; in front of many global Web3 companies

WHAT should you do to join us?

  • Click on “Apply now” and sign up for our platform by creating your resume, 

  • Fill in the “Blockchain Developer” application form on the same platform,

  • Take the English and coding test that we will send you after your application,

  • You will receive an interview invitation if you have completed the previous stages and passed the tests!

  • An online interview is to understand better if this program is a good match for your career expectations.

  • Once you pass the interview, you will receive your invitation to UP School 101, your first-ever class for UP School Blockchain Developer program.

What Will You Gain in the Program?

Blockchain Program Education Content

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Technical Infrastructure of Blockchain Platforms

  • From Bitcoin to Blockchain; Introduction to Distributed Network Architectures

  • Technical Infrastructure of Blockchain Platforms

  • How to move business processes to Blockchain: Industry applications

  • Development Prerequisites on Solana

  • Development Prerequisites on Solana

  • Solana Architecture

  • Solana Architecture

  • Applied Blockchain Lab with Solana

  • Applied Blockchain Lab with Solana

  • Rust programming language, Typescript and React

  • Solana platform

  • Tokens on Solana

  • Developing Solanada Dapp

  • Blockchain value chain and DeFi

  • consensus protocols

  • Industry Blockchain Applications and DeFi

  • Blockchain and distributed network architectures - Blockchain Platforms

  • Technical fundamentals of Bitcoin

  • Solidity programming language

  • Smart contracts and smart contract platforms

  • Defi protocols, tokens and usage areas

  • Ethereum, Avalanche and blockchain scaling

  • Ethereum, Avalanche and blockchain scaling

  • NFTs and marketplaces

Human Skills

During the training, you will not only gain technical skills, but also improve social competencies that will always be beneficial for you throughout your career.

  • Resilience

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Interview Skills        

  • Strong Communication

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving

  • Time & Energy Management

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