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How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Learn what it really takes to be successful. Sure, there are many stories out there about success but how much of it is really true? Are you really going to be the next Facebook or can you be both happy and fulfilled building a business worth millions (rather than billions)? I break it down for you in the course based on my 20 years of experience both running my own businesses and helping entrepreneurs like you grow theirs.

My Entrepreneur Adventure

Some years ago I quit my job in finance and started my own business.

I walked into my boss’s office on Thursday morning with a resignation note. By Friday I was out on my own, with only the weekend to catch my breath and wander what the future would hold.

Why? Because becoming an entrepreneur was something deep rooted in my being. I just had to do it. It felt like my whole life had been working towards this moment.

That moment walking out my boss’ office summed it up. From being stone cold numb to the world for weeks commuting to the office, I suddenly experienced every emotion: exhilaration, fear, excitement, anticipation, happiness, relief and anxiety.

Business is like that.

Life’s too short to waste on being normal

Most “normal” people turn up at the office every day and do what they’re told.

It’s the “normal” people that tell you not to quit, not to throw away your career, or to stop being selfish and “think of your family”…

But what do they know?

Sure, they think they’re in control but if they do something wrong, if they decide not to turn up that day or if they do something differently, they can get fired. Their job is to be safe: to make sure their boss doesn’t look stupid and to cover their own ass.

Life is so much more than that.

The real point of doing anything is to be happy, so what makes you happy? As Steve Jobs said, your time is limited. So, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Third time lucky…

It took me a while before I found a business that people were willing to pay money for – a business selling research to big telecoms companies.

I started my business with about $100. We then grew it to over $1,000,000 in profit, and 35 people in 2 countries. I invested that cashflow in real estate assets that made money while I slept.

Within 7 years I was financially free. I could stop work if I wanted to. So, with my wife and son (aged 6 then) we packed out world into 3 suitcases and traveled the world for 3 years.

“Normal” people tell me, “I wish I could have done that.”

Instead, they play the lottery every week hoping that some day their number comes up and they go travel the world.

Maybe you don’t want to travel the world for 3 years, but you want choice, right? That’s what business is all about, choice. When you have to make your own decisions you can design your lifestyle how you want and build a business to make that happen.

If you want to go live and run your business from Thailand, that’s cool. There are plenty of people already doing that.

If you want to work only 4 days a week, you can do that too.

If you want to go out and share your story of how you did it, change people’s lives, motivate others to get up and take this journey too… you can do that (and get paid).

Join me on this adventure

I want to help you find choice because we’re all on this adventure together. I believe the greatest adventure you can take is to live life on your own terms.

Like any adventure, you need to be prepared. It’s never going to go to go in a straight line. There will be challenges, trials and tribulations. You’ll experience criticism, self-doubt and denial.

That’s why I created this video training course for you which gives you a much deeper dive into launching your business.








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